Une vie à croquer !

Thanks a lot for your help, charming statements, and you will sticking around for such a long time!

Thanks a lot for your help, charming statements, and you will sticking around for such a long time!


You-all are definitely the greatest and you can seriously have earned plenty a lot more of so it fic than I have today.

This section fought me tooth and you will complete more in which so you can change from here (this new dangers out of standard traces when it comes to longform functions, unfortunately), however, I figured it had been about time to delve a tiny far more toward Sora’s side, and exactly how crucial Riku’s to-be to your. Huge thank-you especially to the people who have said has just, offering myself the fresh soft push I needed to choose that it right up again (and you can ofc joji’s the record, given that what’s so it bien au without having any new muse at the rear of it?)

I’m along with really pleasantly surprised exactly how many people including Roxas and you may Riku’s relationship. I wish you will find a lot more of it tbh! This is why it appear so often right here hahah.

I’m hoping which section provides certain small measure of spirits otherwise pleasure for your requirements in these trying minutes. Thank you the if you are such as diligent members!

Chapter Text message

Sora woke up with a good groggy increase, wishing he might stay-in bed only a little extended. The guy regularly however getting a young riser, but all late classes and additionally an excellent ol’ designed college or university sleeplessness had produced your later to sleep and you may later to rise. The good news is, it had been finals day, and that designed Sora is primarily doing independent analysis – absolutely awful promote his study ethic however, fantastic for their asleep schedule.

Yawning thus wide his jaw popped, Sora clambered out of his attic bed and you will stumbled on their way down, ultimately looking for his toilet to help you renew. Mouthwash, bleary-eyed squinting at the a blemish on his forehead, and a shower later, Sora are full of pep and you will perk bear in mind.

Entering his older season, his roommate was actually Vanitas. Roxas got more worried, naturally. Both of these had not very… struck it off, so to speak. They however produced Sora cringe simply recalling the way they clashed, nonetheless did. It just checked brand of friendlier at this time… probably.

Still, Vanitas was a great roommate. He remaining to help you himself, they had different dates, and you will Sora was also personal as cooped right up home for long. Plus, both of them liked preparing, so there are never any shortage of restaurants, and working the actual logistics of your tell you is always convenient really.

Particularly today, since Sora’s vision almost glowed enjoying brand new glamorous snacks Vanitas is actually in the middle of and also make. Vanitas stood so straight Sora’s back hurt considering him, basic black colored apron tied up up to their sides from a constant practice when however did as a preliminary acquisition prepare.

“Have I told you recently exactly how much I like you?” Sora questioned, nearly drifting to the heap on stop which have grabby hands, heedless out of how quickly Vanitas is actually cutting leafy anything regional.

Vanitas ruthlessly smacked the latest flat out-of his knife along the straight back out-of Sora’s hands. The guy winced and trapped a knuckle on their mouth, whilst it hadn’t already been moved after all. “Vanitas!”

“They’re not complete yet,” Vanitas said quietly, since if Sora’s hands wasn’t purple and stinging. Sora was utilized to this – dont fuck together with food, and you also may get together swimmingly. Never insult his dinner sometimes, while can also be loved ones.

“New kettle’s supposed,” Vanitas additional immediately after a moment’s silence, and Sora smiled. Taciturn, sarcastic, unbelievably bad in the interaction with a language sharp adequate to generate actually one step-mother cry, however, damn he had been good roommate.

“Awww,” Sora drawled, snagging Vanitas for a mix-shoulder kiss one wound-up in lot of blade-harmful and you may glares and you can cursing and you may Sora body-checking Vanitas anyways while the he was reputation in front of the pantry where in fact the glasses was basically. “You adore me too!”

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